Why Choose SUTURE911?

Suture911 surgeons are always ready to take care of you.

When you call 1-877 SUTURE911, you are connected with a plastic surgeon who will arrange to meet you at a convenient time. Your cut or wound will be assessed and treated accordingly. It’s just that fast and simple. Dr. O’Hara’s Suture911 makes for a far better experience for every patient with a quick response and less stress. Often times, cuts can be treated using "needle free" repair. Dr. O’Hara’s "needle free" repair uses topical anesthetics to numb the surface of the wound area. The wound itself is then cleansed and closed with "skin glue". The skin glue creates a barrier to bacteria and dirt, minimizing the chance of infection. After one week the glue dissolves. There are no stitches to be removed.

Suture911 is for “kids” of all ages, nine months to ninety years!

The Suture911 program is available for every one. Ask yourself, why should you put yourself or your child through an Emergency Room visit for stitches when you ccan have a plastic surgeon treat you? Fast treatment from a Suture911 board certified plastic surgeon is as simple as phone call. We can treat your wound in the comfort and convenience of  office. Our caring and helpful staff can even take the sting out of facilitating reimbursement from your insurance company and securing those necessary referrals from your primary care physician.

Prompt response. Prompt treatment. It's modern healing made simple.


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