Being cut is traumatic enough.

Let's face it. Nobody likes sitting in an emergency room for hours, surrounded by many other injured or sick people, waiting anxiously to be treated.  The long wait in a busy emergency room only adds to your stress. For a child, this experience can be even worse. Well, now there is a better way.  If you have a cut or wound that may need stitches, you can simply pick up your phone, call our toll free number, and be put in contact with a board certified plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon? Yes! Odds are your attending physician in the Emergency Room will call in a plastic surgeon to evaluate and treat your wound, especially if it’s on a highly visible part of your body.  Why not go directly to the plastic surgeon?

Dr. Daniel O'Hara, a Boca Raton physician board certified in Plastic Surgery has found a way to simplify the process of treating cuts and wounds. "I’ve always wanted my practice to develop a system that did away with the waiting and took the stress out of the treatment as much as possible," says Dr. O'Hara. "Suture911 is the solution. Suture911 gives the emergency patient of any age direct access to a board certified plastic surgeon. The long wait in a busy emergency room is gone. The delay is eliminated. And, best of all, there’s no stack of paperwork to be completed either.”

Suture911 surgeons are always ready to take care of you.

Dr. O'Hara
Dr. O'Hara

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